Let’s Talk Worms!

We have received so many questions here at Our Vital Earth about what kind of worms to look for that Bernie has asked me to start “blogging” on a regular basis to get more information out about all the great things these wonderful creatures do and produce.  So, as Bernie would say, “Let’s Talk Worms!”  There are ore than 4,000 different species of earthworms and they each have their specific “jobs” much like humans.

Our interest here at the farm is in the earthworm that eats fresh organic garbage – remember Organic Garbage is anything that once grew from the ground i.e. paper products developed from trees, lint from the dryer from cotton clothes made from the cotton plant, and, of course, all fruits and vegetables.

The worms that Bernie favors and that we have at the farm are the Eisendia Fetida, also called the  ” composting red wiggler” and they are capable of eating their weight in organic garbage every day!   These are wonderful, hungry little critters that will convert your garbage quickly into worm castings, also known as “Black Gold.”

These very special worms are not to be placed into a composter; as the composter heats up to at least 130 degrees in order to break organic waste down into compost, the worms would be cooked.   The composting red wiggler’s eat your fresh organic garbage and generate castings amounting to about 20% of the volume that they have been fed.

A really great way to continually generate your own worm castings at home, and recycle too, is by having your own worm farm or, as we use and recommend, Worm Cafe.  The Worm Cafe enables you to easily handle 600 pounds of organic garbage in a year’s time, and these wonderful worms will convert it to approximately 120 pounds of pure castings, or “Black Gold.”

For more information about the Worm Cafe, please visit http://www.ourvitalearth.com and click on the media tab and watch one of our new video’s about the Worm Cafe, and you will be directed to YouTube to view the rest.  It is time well spent, informational, and fun for the whole family.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post a reply or email me directly at bonnie@ourvitalearth.com.  May your gardens grow, happy, healthy, and strong!

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